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About Us

Based in Sydney, The Plant Co. specialises in transforming urban spaces. With an eye for detail, this team of hands-on horticulturalists takes a fresh approach to greenery design to bring the outdoors in.

Bringing over 15 years of horticultural experience, The Plant Co. blends strong horticultural skills with extensive commercial property knowledge.

The Plant Co team are not only highly experienced in the environmental suitability of both indoor and outdoor plants but also understand the need for utilising smart plant design to enhance the atmosphere of a space. Above all, they are passionate about creating individual, innovative and functional spaces that breathe life into commercial buildings with lush greenery.

It’s all about the details. From selecting the right varieties for the environment to providing guidance on plant care, The Plant Co. takes the time to ensure each plant will thrive for years to come.

The Plant Co. boasts a project portfolio that spans a range of commercial buildings, from apartments and hotels to restaurants, cafes and more. Think stunning vertical gardens, designer pots and an array of verdant foliage to soften the concrete jungle.

Working in partnership with clients, The Plant Co. brings ideas to life through considered design, extensive plant knowledge and direct access to a commercial nursery with over 40 acres of plant production. So each project is expertly tailored to enhance the interior architecture and create a strong connection with nature. 

Welcome to the great indoors.

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